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Diser Tablets

Double Impact-Speedy Relief from Pain & Inflammation

Diser Tablets
  • Smallest size tablet
  • Safer and Faster action compared to Diclofenac Sodium 
  • Least Gastric irritation
  • Safe for Cardiac and hypertensive patients

Painful inflammatory conditions, Post traumatic edema, ENT infections, Traumatic injury, Post operative pain and edema, Lateral episiotomy, Sports injury

Presentation: 10x10’s

Dolocide MR Tablets

Winning Move for Painless Mobility

Dolocide MR Tablets
  • Safe for Cardiac and Hypertensive patients
  • Synergistic action in pain & inflammation
  • Devoid of side effects related to Thiocolchicoside 
  • Potent analgesic, antipyretic & muscle relaxant property

 Indications:  Frozen shoulder, Low back pain, sprain and strain, Spondylitis/Cervical Spondylitis, Sports injury

Presentation: 10x10 ‘s

Ze-Spas Tablets

Experience the Zero Spasm

Ze-Spas Tablets
  • Preferred combination to relieve spasmodic pain
  • Dual action - Analgesic-Antispasmodic

Indications:  Intestinal, Biliary & renal pain, Spasmodic dysmenorrhea & Menorrhagia, Abdominal cramps & pain

Presentation: 20x10 's
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