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TuneUp D Capsules

Tunes up Motility.....Controls Acidity

TuneUp D Capsules
  • Round the clock protection from acidity
  • Established combination among the Physicians
  • Composition & dose in accordance to guidelines

Hyperacidity, Dyspepsia, GERD, Gastritis/Gastric ulcer, Gastroparesis         

Presentation: 10 x10 ‘s

Biohep Tablets

Biologically Regulates Hepatic functions

Biohep Tablets
  • Hepato-selective & Hepato-protective
  • Effective Detoxifier- Eliminates ammonia from blood
  • Regenerates the degenerated liver cells

Acute and chronic Hepatitis, Liver cirrhosis, Jaundice, Fatty liver with hyperammonemia, Hepatic encephalopathy

Presentation: 10x10’s
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