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Revici Injection

Trusted Companion to Stop Bleeding

Revici Injection
  • Time trusted capillary haemostat
  • Multiple mode of action
  • Offers instant control on bleeding
  • Flexibility of dose administration ( I.V/ I.M or Oral or Local)

Internal and external hemorrhage, Accidental hemorrhage, Dental and orthopedic surgery, Surgery haemoptysis, Secondary post partum hemorrhage, Dysfunctional uterine bleeding, MTP, D&C, Menorrhagia/Metrorrhagia, IUCD induced bleeding

Presentation : 5x5x5ml

Revici e Tablets

Easy and Effective control in excessive bleeding

Revici e Tablets
  • Improves capillary integrity
  • Improves platelet adhesiveness
  • Decreases rebleeding episodes

Hematuria, Hemorrhoids, Hemoptysis, Epistaxis, DUB (Menorrhagia and Metrorrhagia), Postpartum and MTP bleeding, Bleeding due to IUCD insertion, Tonsillectomy, Micro Surgery, General Surgery, Tooth Extraction

Presentation: Revici e 250 mg- 10x10’s
                          Revici e 500 mg- 10x10’s
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