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Immunity Enhancer

ImmuneSmart Capsules

Smart Immunity Booster

ImmuneSmart Capsules
  • Forties immunity with vital immune, growth and nutrional factors
  • 40% richer immune factors than human colostrum
  • 100% organic, free from heavy metals, bacteria & pesticides
  • Zero side effects
  • Endorsed by leading regulatory bodies and journals

Indications: Seasonal & Recurrent Infections, Life Threatening Infections, Male and Female Infertility, Chronic Wounds & Ulcers

Presentation: 14 Capsules Bottle, 30 Capsules Bottle and 60 Capsules Bottle

When it's a matter of your health, it's best to be smart. ImmuneSmart is the best and most effective immunity booster, helping to build a robust immune system, ready to protect you against diseases.

Each ImmuneSmart capsule contains 500 mg of Cow Colostrum, which contains 40% richer immune factors as compared to human colostrum. Bovine colostrum has been scientifically proven to contain various vital immune, growth and nutritional factors. It has been endorsed by leading regulatory bodies and journals. ImmuneSmart provides this pure and natural booster in easy to consume capsules. It is 100% organic, free from any heavy metals, bacteria and pesticides.

The formulation is safe and effective, with no side effects. ImmuneSmart is most useful against seasonal and recurrent infections, and is also indicated in life threatening infections, male and female infertility, chronic wounds and ulcers, etc. The capsules come in bottles with 14, 30 or 60 capsules.

If you want to fortify your internal defences and enhance your immunity, then ImmuneSmart is the smart choice for you.

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