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Our mission is encapsulated in our company tagline - 'Because life matters'. The cornerstone of our enterprise is 'Life' – to help, to heal, to save. We constantly endeavor to meet healthcare needs and provide efficient and innovative solutions at affordable rates.


Because Life Matters: Ensuring the best healthcare solutions to help people live healthy lives. The core values of KeePharma are enshrined within its logo and company colours. Just as the sun makes life possible, the KeePharma's mission of responding to life and its health needs is depicted in its blue and orange 'Rising Sun' logo.

Integrity: We are committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity and ethics in our products and people.

Growth: Providing products of the highest quality, while ensuring profitable growth and enhancement of wealth of shareholders and all stakeholders.

Innovation: Research, innovation and new technologies are our guiding principles.

Quality: We strive for quality excellence through our products and process improvements, training and development of our employees to meet and exceed customer needs.

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