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KeeStone is an herbal treatment for renal stones which is prepared with a synergistic blend of 11 herbal extracts. It helps in the removal of the renal stones and prevents the recurrence. Furthermore, it also helps in the medication of Urinary Tract Infection, promotes kidney health and prostate health.

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Pashanbheda 100 mg Varuna 75 mg Udumbara 50 mg Punarnava 50 mg Gokhru 30 mg Henna 25 mg Shilapushpa 25 mg Apamarga 25 mg Mulika25 mg Anantmoola 25 mg Shilajit 25 mg


Helps dissolve stones Prevents stone formation Helps in UTI Provides relief in burning sensation while urinating Boosts kidney health Have anti-inflammatory properties Improves Renal Function Note: * (KeeStone is more effective against Calcium oxalate stones)


For stones upto 6 mm : 1 capsule twice daily for 12 days For stones greater than 6 mm : 2 capsules twice daily till stone is removed Dosage :


Keep out of reach of children


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